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Lorree Riley, M.A.

It is common practice to set big goals, have high expectations for ourselves and constantly reflect on how we are stacking up. This is a fine plan when you are in a stage of life where nothing else matters and you can stay singularly focused. As we move through life however, competing priorities arise that require your attention, time and energy. The more we strive, achieve and reflect, the more deficit focused we become which is a source of anxiety and amplifies stress.   

As a culture, achievement is highly valued and comparison runs deep. The problem is that it puts us  in a constant state of thinking about what we haven't achieved rather than embracing our strengths, what we have accomplished and how to continue toward our goals in an authentic and meaningful way. 

After seeing accomplished people struggle with feeling not good enough, feeling inadequate and unfulfilled despite checking all the right boxes, Lorree saw a need to address the intersection of achievement, expectations and well being. This therapeutic coaching program focuses on clarifying values, removing barriers, taking values driven action and teaches strategies to optimize mental and emotional wellness. 

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